SteamWatcher is a lightweight PowerShell script that either shuts down or stands by your computer once Steam downloads have completed. SteamWatcher features additional options including the choice of standby or shutdown and a debug mode.

Custom folder locations can be specified by using the -folder parameter. For example:

./SteamWatcher.ps1 -folder "C:\Users\"

will check the directory C:\Users\.

Similarly, a custom interval can be set using the parameter -interval seconds and debug mode can be turned on using -interval true.

To run:

  1. Make sure Windows is happy by running Set-ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted in Powershell once as admin
  2. Either execute ./SteamWatcher.ps1 in Powershell or Right click -> Run in Powershell



Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0+ required. You can get the latest version here:


13/06/2015 v1.1 Code cleanup and force Steam process to quit.