Metal Gear Solid - Disc 2 Save

Metal Gear Solid for the original Playstation comes on two discs. However in 1.7.0, the change disc function is broken for ISO images. If you were like me and used save states instead of memory card saves, you will probably find yourself in an unfortunate position where you need to change to the second disc, but in doing so, will not have a save on the memory card to load. Luckily, came to my rescue and hooked me up with his Disc 1 save. Using this, I have created a save at the very beginning of Disc 2, for those who have similar troubles.

You can download ePSXe here:

Memory card save

Simply place the memory card file into the memcards subdirectory of your ePSXe folder. If you are using PSXeven, simply rename the file to match.


Save state

If you require a save state, please use the following link. Extract and replace the sstates folder and you should be able to load the state.